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Fork Buffets

Prince of Wales | Fork Buffets

Fork buffet menu -Please note prices shown are per person, and a minimum quantity of 10 people per buffet is required to place an order. Choose one item from lists A,B,C,D,E and F.
Price per person: 11.50
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Fork buffet menu -

A - Please choose 1 item from the selection below
Baked fish in a sweet & hot crust - Salmon or white fish baked under a crust flavoured with fresh lemons, limes..
Salmon en croute - Salmon dotted with butter, lemon and fresh dill..
Freshly poached salmon with lemon..
Salmon in filo pastry - salmon wrapped in filo parcels served with fresh lemons ..
Tandoori fish - Salmon or white fish marinated and baked in tandoori spices garnished with roasted cherry..
Smoked haddock & mozzarella tart - Poached haddock layered with mozzarella cheese & fresh chives served in a puff pastry shell

B - Please choose 1 item from the selection below
Breast of chicken in a pesto crust - Breast of chicken baked under a crust of green pesto and breadcrumbs
Chicken roasted with garlic & parmesan - Pieces of chicken breast seasoned with garlic and cracked black pepper, tossed in parmesan cheese coating and oven baked
Coronation chicken with mango & cashew nuts - Tender chicken pieces mixed with madras flavoured mayonnaise mango chutney and cashew nuts
Braised chicken with mayonnaise & grapes - Gently braised chicken with seasoned mayonnaise tossed with grapes
Breast of chicken tikka/tandoori - Breast of chicken baked in a tikka masala or tandoori marinade served with cucumber dip and salad garnish

C - Please choose 1 item from the selection below
Asparagus and almond roulade - Asparagus, toasted almonds, spring onions and cheese wrapped in filo pastry
Caramelised onion & blue cheese tart - Caramelised onions topped with fresh spinach baked with mascarpone and blue cheese encased in short crust pastry case
Roasted vegetable & feta cheese tart - Roasted aubergines, courgettes, peppers and red onions baked with feta cheese in a short crust pastry case
Poppyseed, tomato & onion tart - Poppy seed pastry spread with Caerphilly cheese and topped with a tomato, basil and caramelised onions sauce
Roasted red pepper plait - Roasted peppers, spinach, mushrooms, pinenuts and Dolcelatta cheese encased in a puff pastry plait

D - Please choose 1 item from the selection below
New potatoes with lemon & dill
Salt crusted potatoes with chives
Cajun spiced potatoes
Potato skins with mayonnaise
Boiled or seasoned rice
Caribbean style rice 'n' peas
Half jacket potatoes

E - Please choose 1 item from the selection below
Greek salad with olives & feta cheese
Coleslaw with sweet corn & red onion
Potato salad with spring onion & chilli
Pasta salad with sweet corn, spring onion & Caesar dressing
Rice salad, sweet corn, peppers and sweet chilli dressing
Tomato & red onion salad
Caesar salad
Tossed mixed salad

F - Please choose 1 item from the selection below
Panzonella salad - tomatoes, olives, peppers and ciabatta bread tossed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Grilled courgette & red pepper salad with feta & mint
Roast vegetable cous cous salad with harissa dressing
Rocket, spinach and watercress with cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings
Avocado, tomato, basil & mozzarella



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